This project is a new and updated branch of the Yosemite tree and is targetted at OS X 10.11 El Capitan with SIP support, automatic installer detection and fake board-id injection for unsupported models of the MacPro and MacBook Pro.


All downloads of boot.efi should be done from this project page. All other sources are unsupported.

Download your copy of the prebuild (32-bit) version of boot.efi for El Capitan (compiled on Microsoft Windows 10 with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015) with a black background and white Apple logo now, and verify the download by entering (either one) in a terminal window:

openssl md5  boot.efi = 036476dc081da904f50736eb56acbcfa
openssl sha1 boot.efi = 0b1864bdec2ae28a1b7538724e1732b31ab466e5

Or download the one for legacy hardware, with a grey background and logo for your Mac Pro and verify the download by entering (either one) in a terminal window:

openssl md5  boot.efi = 23348e2baff575405f527cf0a26e2838
openssl sha1 boot.efi = 41ec2b9ac115cb6def687b1bfdef891df6556b74

Note: If the output is different, then your copy of boot.efi should not be used!


Don't want a prebuilt copy of boot.efi then compile the source code yourself, with either Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 or 2015. The latter requires you to update the solution files, but that should be done automatically in the MS Visual Studio IDE.

Note: See also Compiling-Instructions

Thanks To

This project would not have been possible without the help of Peter Holbrook, Mike Boss and a number of other people. Peter did all compiling and Mike ran dozens of test builds that Peter pushed out over at Awesome work guys. Job well done!

I'd also like to thank everyone else whoh helped with testing our nightly builds. Thank you so much!


If you need help with the setup then please visit this macrumor thread. Developers, or people who need help with compiling boot.efi themself, can visit this macrumors developer thread.

Note: I myself don't own any unsupported Apple hardware with a 32-bit EFI implementation, so I can probably do not much for you, but there may be others to help you.


Bugs can be reported here

Note: Please provide a clear step by step procedure to reproduce the bug. Thanks.


My work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License and as such you must add a link to this license. Even if you only use a download link. Also note the term "NonCommercial" because I don't want to see my work end up anywhere else but here.

Note: "Tiamo" released his work under a BSD-3-Clause license


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